Activ ox chlorine dioxide

Activ-Ox® -Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment for the 21st Century

Activ-Ox® is highly effective against Legionella

Chlorine Dioxide is one of the most powerful disinfectants used in water treatment. It has also shown itself to be especially effective against Legionella.

We believe that our patented ACTIV-OX technology is currently the safest and most effective way of dosing chlorine dioxide for applications in the Building Services sector.

The ACTIV-OX system is extremely effective at penetrating biofilms and controlling amoebae, both of which can encourage the growth of Legionella.

ACTIV-OX has full approval from the British Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) for use in potable water.

ACTIV-OX comes in three sizes with the ability to treat from 0 - 100m3 of water per day up to 5000m3 per day with the larger 4000 Major dosing system.

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ACTIV-OX means Active Oxygen

The name ACTIV-OX is derived from the way in which chlorine dioxide works. It does not ‘chlorinate’, but instead acts as a pure oxidising agent using the power of ‘Active Oxygen’. This is not a term invented by us, but one used by chemists to describe oxidants with similar mechanisms, which includes chlorine dioxide and peroxides.

With chlorine dioxide, it’s the oxygen which reacts, not the chlorine. With ACTIV-OX there are no unpleasant byproducts; the chlorine component ultimately ends up as harmless, soluble chloride ions at very low levels.

ACTIV-OX is safe and efficient

Biofilms Increase Risk!

Biofilms can cause health problems:

Biofilms can cause engineering problems:

The Dosing System

The ACTIV-OX® Dosing System has a number of unique design features which make it the safest, most controllable way of producing Chlorine Dioxide:

Standard Activ-Ox Dosing System

FEEDWATER can offer a system to meet your requirements. Our experienced Consultants will carry out a full, no-obligation site survey and discuss the best options available for you.

FEEDWATER can carry out the whole turnkey project from start to finish or work with you as a partner.

Chemicals can be supplied in 25Kg drums or using our drumless delivery service - FEEDSAFE - for ‘No manual handling’ of chemicals.

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